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Hola, Bonjour, Ni Hoa, Ciao, Selam, Shalom and Hello...

I'm Bella J. Rockman, native Detroiter. I work as a Social Scientist, Media Mental Health Correspondent, Speaker and Licensed Neuropsychotherapist. In other words, I'm a fellow human, that loves learning about and helping other humans. My life's work is to help make Behavioral Health Education and Literacy mainstream in our schools, colleges, corporations and among law enforcement and first responders. I'm glad you stopped by. Welcome!

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My Story

I've wanted to go into the field of Psychology since Kindergarden. Yes - - Kinder! I was the little kid on the playground analyzing the behaviors of all of other little kids and curious about what shapes and makes us who we are. I personally grew up in the Midwest, in a beautiful area, born in the City of Detroit where street smarts come before book smarts, but education and being well rounded are high values. I love my hometown.

     I graduated from my beloved Alma Mater, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and studied abroad. U of M exceeded my expectations! On the other side of the coin, I also grew up in a household where public image was everything - beauty, money, power, success, education, fame, religion - the whole nine yards. However, the levels of trauma and dysfunction I witnessed, were beyond "everyday dysfunction", they were severe, yet swept under the rug - inter-generationally and treated as "the norm".  As a kid, it got me to thinking about how much I adored my family of origin, yet also wanted to understand what factors set up people to live with such public success, yet create such private pain and chaos.

     So here I am today, Neuropscyhotherapist, LPC, lecturer, researcher, Media Correspondent and fellow human - - that's deeply passionate about understanding other humans, educating and helping us all heal, one person and community at a time.


Jrocktherapy Academy

Jrocktherapy Academy provides Behavioral Health Boot Camps, Mental Health Training's, Seminars and education. We provide services for Corporations, Small Businesses, Community and Religious Organizations, Schools, Colleges, Law Enforcement and First Responders. 

Bella's Bio

Social Scientist, Neuropsychotherapist & Mental Health Media Correspondent, Bella J. Rockman ("J-Rock"), uses her time spent in law school, experience working in newsrooms & Clinical Brain-Based training, to better understand clients’ perspectives. She integrates EMDR, CBT, & Trauma Recovery models into her work. Her experiences studying abroad in over 17 countries, offers her widely recognized inter-cultural, global, compassionate, yet direct approach.

IG: @jrocktherapy  Twitter: @jrocktherapy Facebook: @jrocktherapyacademy

|Nueuropsychology|Inter-generational Healing|Trauma Recovery|PTSD|

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For Behavioral Health Training's, Speaking, Media Appearances or Individual Therapy.

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